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FPE100 Single Sided Aluminum Fabric

Foil-Fabric Woven- Radiant Barrier & Vapor Barrier

FPE100 single sided aluminum fabric is constructed using 7 microns thick aluminum foil with its one side reinforced using HDPE woven fabric. Due to its high tensile strength and superior resistance to tearing, puncture, and abrasion, it is an ideal radiant barrier material and heat insulation packing material. It can be put at the bottom of the original roof panel, attic's rafter system, flooring system, or inside the walls directly, so as to ensure good insulation performance for buildings. Users can construct the product into commercial and residential buildings as well as poultry houses, thus keeping constant comfortable room temperature.

Typical Physical Properties
Physical Property Value (Metric) Test Method
Basis Weight 105gsm Scale
Water Vapor Transmission Rate 1.15 ng/N.s ASTM E96, Procedure A
Tensile Strength -Machine Direction 240 N/25mm ASTM D828
Tensile Strength -Cross Direction 240 N/25mm ASTM D828
Burst Strength 250N/cm2 ASTM D774
Dimensional Stability Less than 0.5% ASTM D1204 @ 150F (65℃ )
Reflectivity of foil surface 97% --

Available Roll Width: 1.20m, 1.25m, 1.50m

Seven microns thick aluminum foil + Bonding agent + PE woven fabric

FPE100 Single Sided Aluminum Fabric

Simply binding the foil and woven fabric together, the product is convenient for production and saves production cost as well. With a light weight of 105 gram per square meter, the aluminum fabric offers a high water vapor transmission rate of 1.15 ng/N.s. Due to quality materials and highly advanced production techniques, the product comes with high rupture strength up to 250N/cm2, so customers can feel secure in using them.

As an experienced FPE100 single sided aluminum fabric manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers FSK60A reinforced foil facing, RAC60A D/S reflective foil insulation, plain aluminum foil adhesive tape, and more.

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