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Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric

Tago aluminum foil woven fabric is designed to function as cost effective radiant barrier and vapor barrier materials in variety of places, such as commercial buildings, gyms, warehouses, supermarkets, poultry houses, and more. It can also be used as the liner material in a container to offer efficient insulation performance.

Approximately 75% heat in the air is transmitted through radiation. Most materials used on buildings absorb the radiant heat and then re-radiate it. This results in higher room temperature than outside temperature in summer and lower in winter. Hence, most air conditioning systems are constantly working in residential and official as well as industrial buildings, which cost much. However, Tago aluminum foil woven fabric is able to reflect up to 97% radiant heat, so it is an ideal material to offer insulation against heat and moisture vapor. Therefore, when it is used as a building material, it effectively improves insulation system performance, and keeps the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Type List
Item Code Composition
FPE100 Aluminum foil in 7 microns thickness + Polyethylene adhesive + HDPE woven fabric
FPEV115 Aluminum foil in 7 microns thickness + Polyethylene bonding agent + HDPE Woven Fabric + PE coating
FPEF150 Aluminum foil in 7 microns thickness + Polyethylene bonding agent + HDPE woven Fabric + PE adhesive + Aluminum foil in 7 microns thickness
MPE100 MPET in 8 microns thickness + PE adhesive + HDPE Woven fabric
FG710P Aluminum foil in 7 microns + Polyethylene adhesive + Fiberglass cloth
FG1808P Aluminum foil in 18 microns + Polyethylene adhesive + Fiberglass woven cloth

Product Features
1. The aluminum foil woven fabric is environmental friendly. It contains no hazardous chemicals or harmful materials that cause itching or respiratory problems. Also, it emits no formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds, ensuring healthy indoor environment.
2. As compared with other types of aluminium foil insulation material, this product offers higher tensile strength, and higher tearing resistance.
3. It is anti abrasion, anti aging, light weight, and flexible and easy to handle.
4. It is a superb low cost, waterproof type building material.
5. Coming in woven fabric form, the product can be sewed together easily and conveniently installed on long span buildings.

Due to high quality and cost effectiveness, our aluminium foil woven fabric is highly recognized around the world, and has been exported to Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

As an eco-friendly heat insulation material, our aluminum foil woven fabric has found applications in many fields. For instance, it can be used as the sandwich material for ice bags, and can also be simply placed on rooftop to offer waterproof and heat insulation functions. It can also be used in the manufacturing of the beach mat, moisture-proof pad, and the packaging material for home appliance, precision instrument, high grade chinaware, etc. Additionally, the product can also be made into variety of shapes to function as the sun shade for automobiles, air conditioner outdoor units, and motorcycles.

TAGO is a professional aluminum foil woven fabric manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide aluminum foil facing, PSK facing, heat sealing insulation facing, D/S reflective aluminum foil insulation, and more.

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