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FSK100A Aluminum Reinforced Facing

Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing - Vapor & Radiant Barrier

FSK100A aluminum reinforced facing is a premium grade product. It is achieved by laminating fiberglass scrim, 100gsm natural Kraft, and 7 microns aluminum foil together. As compared with our other types of aluminium foil facing, this one utilizes thicker Kraft paper so as to assure improved tensile strength, tearing resistance, durability, and appearance.

Capable of reflecting 97% radiant heat, the aluminum reinforced facing is ideal radiant barrier material which can be used against roof decking, walls, and flooring system. Thus, it can block the suns radiant heat in summer and retain indoor heat in winter, so as to assure a comfortable indoor environment without any electricity energy consumption. The product is also commonly used as water vapor barrier. When used in combination with traditional insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool, phenolic panel, PU foam, etc. it offers improved performance for air conditioning ductworks wrapping, and cold room insulation.

Facing Composition Description Value (Metric)
Foil Aluminum 7 micron
Reinforcing Fiberglass 8 / 100mm -Machine Direction
12 / 100mm -Cross Direction
Kraft Natural Kraft 100gsm
Typical Physical Property
Physical Property Value (Metric) Test Method
Basic Weight 130 gsm Scale
Water Vapor Transmission Rate 5.75 ng/N.s ASTM E96
Tensile Strength 200 N/25mm - Machine Direction ASTM D828
73N/25mm - Cross Direction
Burst Strength 90 N/cm2 ASTM D774
Temperature Resistance Remains Flexible No Delamination ASTM C1263
- 30℃/+90℃
Dimensional Stability Less than 0.5% ASTM D1204 @ 150F (65℃)

Roll Width: 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.25m, 1.30m
Total Length: from 60m up to 2000m.

As an experienced FSK100A aluminum reinforced facing manufacturer based in China, we provide not only aluminum foil facing, but also aluminum foil tape, D/S reflective aluminum foil insulation, aluminum foil woven fabric, and more.

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