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FKSV50A Heat Sealing Foil Insulation Facing

Heat-Sealing Foil-Kraft-Scrim Facing, Radiant/Vapor Barrier

FKSV50A heat sealing foil insulation facing has its fiberglass scrim reinforcement on the external side of the kraft paper, so the scrim can better protect the kraft, and the product offers better abrasion resistance. It is ideal facing material for glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool, and more, and can be bonded with them simply by heating without extra adhesive. It assists those traditional insulation materials in improving heat insulation performance, and offers them vapor and corrosion resistance function as well.

Composition Description Value (Metric)
Foil Aluminum 7 micron
Adhesive Heat-Resistance Glue --
Kraft Natural 50gsm
Reinforcing Fiberglass Scrim 8 / 100mm -Machine Direction
12/100mm-Cross Direction
Heat-Activated Coating Polyethylene 25 micron
Typical Physical Property
Physical Property Value (Metric) Test Method
Basic Weight 100 gsm Scale
Tensile Strength 130 N/25mm - MD ASTM D828
65 N/25mm - XD
Burst Strength 35 N/cm2 ASTM D774
Temperature Resistance Remains Flexible No Delamination ASTM C1263
- 29℃ /+66℃
Dimensional Stability Less than 0.5% ASTM D1204 @ 150F (65℃ )
Emissivity 0.03 ASTM E408

Available Roll Width: 1.0m, 1.20 m

We are a specialized FKSV50A heat sealing foil insulation facing manufacturer in China. Apart from heat sealing insulation facing, we also offer PSK facing, D/S reflective aluminum foil insulation, aluminum foil facing, aluminum foil tape, and more.

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