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FKSV50BC Heat Sealing Aluminum Facing

Heat-Sealing Foil-Kraft-Scrim Facing, Radiant/Vapor Barrier

FKSV50BC heat sealing aluminum facing is mainly manufactured using 7 micron aluminum foil. One side of the foil is bonded with kraft, then reinforced by fiberglass scrim with rectangular patterns on surface, and finally coated with a layer of heat sensitive polyethylene coating. It is designed to be laminated with insulating materials simply by heating without extra adhesive, which assures eco-friendliness. The aluminum foil facing is also corrosion resistant.

Composition Description Value (Metric)
Foil Aluminum 7 micron
Adhesive Heat-Resistance Glue --
Kraft Natural 50gsm
Reinforcing Fiberglass Scrim 12.5 x 6.25 mm space
Heat-Activated Coating Polyethylene 25 micron
Typical Physical Property
Physical Property Value (Metric) Test Method
Basic Weight 105 gsm Scale
Tensile Strength 135 N/25mm -Machine Direction ASTM D828
70 N/25mm- Cross Direction
Burst Strength 35 N/cm2 ASTM D774
Temperature Resistance Remains Flexible No Delamination ASTM C1263
- 29℃/+66℃
Dimensional Stability Less than 0.5% ASTM D1204 @ 150F (65℃)
Emissivity 0.03 ASTM E408

Available Roll Width: 1.20m

As a China-based FKSV50BC heat sealing aluminum facing manufacturer and supplier, at TAGO we also offer FG1808P aluminum fiberglass fabric laminate, plain aluminum foil adhesive tape, RAC60A D/S reflective foil insulation, and more.

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