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BFTV50 Black Fiberglass Tissue

Heat-Sealing Black Fiber Glass Tissue

BFTV50 black fiberglass tissue is additionally coated with a layer of 25 microns thick heat-activated polyethylene coating on one of its sides. The coating allows it to be laminated on other types of insulating materials simply by heating method, without any need of extra glue.

Facing Composition Description Value (Metric)
Facing Black fiberglass tissue 50 gsm
Heat-Activated Coating Polyethylene 25 micron
Typical Physical Property
Physical Property Value (Metric) Test Method
Basic Weight 75 gsm Scale
Tensile Strength 160 N/50mm -Machine Direction ASTM D828
55 N/50mm- Cross Direction

Available Roll Width: 1.20 m

Our company is a China-based BFTV50 black fiberglass tissue manufacturer and supplier. We also provide FKSV50A heat sealing foil insulation facing, FSK100A aluminum reinforced facing, PSK50A PSK vapor barrier facing, and more.

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