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Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape

According to the backing material and the adhesive utilized, the reinforced aluminum foil tape is classified into many types. They use our FSK50A reinforced aluminum foil facing, FSV185B heat sealing foil facing, FG710 or FG1808 aluminum foil fiberglass fabric laminate as the backing material. The adhesive adopted include solvent or water based acrylic adhesive or synthetic rubber resin adhesive. The PE coated, siliconized white release paper is adopted as the liner. Our adhesive tape using acrylic adhesive is applicable for use in temperatures from -30℃ to 120℃, and that using rubber adhesive is ideal for use in temperatures between -10℃ and 80℃.

Typical Physical Property
Item Code Adhesive Backing Tensile Strength
Adhesion Force
Total Thickness
Elongation Service Temperature
FSK50S Acrylic FSK50A 125 22 55 3% -30℃~120℃
FSV185S FSV185B 120 60
FG710S FG710 260 65
FG1808S FG1808 260 70
FSK50H Rubber FSK50A 125 76 -10℃~80℃
FSV185H FSV185B 120 80
FG710H FG710 260 90
FG1808H FG1808 260 25 55

The reinforced aluminum foil tape offers higher tensile strength than our plain type adhesive tape, so it is ideal choice for places requiring the high strength tape. It is commonly used for sealing the joints or seams on tube wrapping materials, as well as repairing of foil-scrim-kraft facing, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth laminate, foil scrim facing, to name a few.

Product Features
1. The reinforced aluminum foil tape comes with wrinkle-free backing, ensuring neat appearance when used for seam sealing or facing material repairing. Also, the backing material is tearing resistant, which assures durability.
2. The high quality adhesive assures constant high bonding force.
3. The product is resistant to water vapor, and can prevent smoke from pass through it.
4. It has long term high static shear strength.

Jumbo Roll Width: 1.20m (usable)
Jumbo Roll Length: Various tape length is available, maximally up to 800m.
Slitted Roll Width: 48mm, 50mm, 60mm, 63mm, 72mm, 75mm, 96mm, 100mm.
Slitted Roll Length: 23m, 25m, 27m, 30m, 40m, 45m, 50m, etc.

1. All specification information is provided for your reference. Specific product specifications may vary a little.
2. Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±2mm; Length: ±0.5%.

We are a professional reinforced aluminum foil tape manufacturer in China. We also offer PSKM50A insulation PSK facing, RAC60A D/S reflective foil insulation, FSK60A1 aluminum reinforced metal facing, FPEV115 single sided foil woven, and much more.

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